Emperors private suite
(16 tatami mats with a private hot spring cypress bath just feet away from royal imperial living quarters)

Emperors private suiteLocated on the second floor of the resort, the vantage point of the surrounding mountains, the Yaen(wild monkey) gondola, flowing Totsukawa River and streams are truly breath taking. As you relax and let your body melt in the soothing private hot spring cypress bath, nothing from the outside world will disturb you. This private suite is truly fit for a Japanese Emperor from the Samurai era.

Japanese royalty style room
(10 tatami mat type or 6 tatami mat type)

Japanese royalty style roomJapanese style room with the traditional tatami mate allows you the guest to experience how the Japanese royalty would live in the old time while still enjoying the comforts of modern day living. Only steps for the mountain and the endless beautiful of the forest, and wild life. You can hear the bird singing to you as you relax in the hot spring and allow the world disappear from your mind. 24 rooms.

Western style

Western styleThere are no steps (like Japanese room style) in the room. The bathroom area is wide, we consider barrier-free environment for our valuable customers.

Gensen Kakenagashi
(water comes directly from the hot spring source)
Hot spring resort museum "Hoshi-no-yu." (Star Hot Spring)

Outdoor bath1

Outdoor bath1Enjoy the hot springs under the starry sky, the beauty of nature in all its glory and the comfort of the hot spring..

Outdoor bath2

Outdoor bath2To give our guests, the opportunity to enjoy both sections of our hot spring spa, we rotate the men and woman between the two sections every morning.

Waterfall Shower

Waterfall ShowerAs the rain descends from the heavens to the earth, it brings life to our planet. The sound of soothing water eases the mind and the warmth of the spring water eases the body.

Pottery bath・Cypress bath

Pottery bath・Cypress bathCypress bath has been renewed. Enjoy the smell of wood and hot spring.

House bath

House bathEnjoy a 100% Gensen Kakenagashi (water comes directly from the hot spring source).

Floating Bath

Floating BathTry floating on your back in the warm comforting spring water, close your eyes and dream your most beautiful dream. Float through the starry sky and touch the stars.


FootbathLocated outside of the spa resort museum. Enjoy the footbath for free.
The feet are the foundation of the body, a strong body requires a strong foundation. Soak your feet and release the stress.


Ayanishiki Kaiseki




Available season: September 1 to Nonember 30.
※Due to the changing season, our food selection will change without notice. Please ask staff.

Restaurant “Shakunage”(rhododendron)

Restaurant Syakunage

RestaurantHours: lunch 11:30 to 13:30 (last order).

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